August 17, 2014: Special guest appearance on Peter Fernandes' Q.E.D.

Johannes is featured on Peter Fernandes' recently released album Q.E.D. Other special guests on the album include Virgil Donati, Derek Sherinian, and Greg Howe, among others. Please visit for samples & more info.



May 15, 2014: Luna Nueva Songbook

New item added to the shop, the Luna Nueva Songbook. For more info/to purchase, please click here.



May 5, 2014: "Luna Nueva (Only a Dream)" sheet music

The sheet music for "Luna Nueva (Only a Dream)" is now available in the shop.



April 16, 2014: Equanimity update

A new blog has been posted with a short update from the studio, read it here.



March 27, 2014: "Tierra del Fuego" sheet music

The sheet music for "Tierra del Fuego" is now available in the shop.



February 6, 2014: "Thrill Minute" sheet music

The sheet music for "Thrill Minute" is now available in the shop.



December 31, 2013: Happy New Year!

"Last day of 2013, and I'd like to take this opportunity to send out thanks to every single one of you for your continued support, all your encouraging messages, and positive vibes in general. It truly means the world to me! As you know the plan was to have the new album out in time for Christmas, however, due to various circumstances I've had no other choice but to postpone it. Rest assured though, there WILL be new music in 2014, and you know what they say... good things come to those who wait! So hang in there!! I'm looking forward to sharing all this new music with you ASAP. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a happy, healthy & prosperous 2014!!"



December 12, 2013: "Seven Summits" sheet music

The sheet music for "Seven Summits" is now available in the shop.



November 29, 2013: HOLIDAY SALE!

Starting today through December 31, hard copies of Luna Nueva & Painter's Portrait are available at the reduced price of $5.99 on CD Baby & Abstract Logix (buy two or more of either title via CD Baby and get 10% off). If you don't already have these albums in your collection, now's the time! And remember, music makes great Christmas gifts!

Please also consider leaving a review and/or rating on CD Baby / Abstract Logix, and tell your friends about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Any help in spreading the word would be much appreciated!



October 22, 2013: New sheet music available + quick Equanimity update

The sheet music for "Another Exit" is now available for purchase. Please go to the shop for more info.
Johannes recently finished recording his keyboard parts for the new album, and will begin tracking drums & bass in the next few weeks. Watch this space, and don't forget to connect with Johannes on Facebook & Twitter to make sure you're not missing out on any updates!



August 14, 2013: Equanimity update + "Past Tense" sheet music

After a mid-summer break from recording Johannes is back in the studio working on his upcoming third solo release Equanimity, tentatively scheduled for a winter '13 release. More updates on that in the weeks to come, including a fresh blog post as promised earlier.
In other news, the sheet music for "Past Tense" has been added to the shop. 



May 9, 2013: "Adrenochrome" sheet music

The sheet music for "Adrenochrome" is now available in the shop.



April 3, 2013: "Quintana Roo" sheet music

The sheet music for "Quintana Roo" is now available in the shop.



March 28, 2013: Equanimity update

Johannes is currently locked up in the studio recording the follow-up to his 2011 release Painter's Portrait. Be on the lookout for a new blog entry in the near future where he'll share more on the process!  



February 17, 2013: 4-year anniversary!

Four years ago today, Luna Nueva was released! To celebrate this occasion we're throwing a one-day offer on physical copies of the album. You can grab it for just $5.99 on CD Baby & Abstract Logix, and remember, the offer expires at midnight (PST)! Happy shopping!!



February 12, 2013: Sheet music + quick update on the new album

The sheet music for the song "Splinter" is now available for purchase. Visit the shop for more info.
In other news, Johannes is nearly done writing and arranging for his upcoming third solo album, which will be titled Equanimity. More updates to follow in the coming weeks as recording gets underway. 



December 31, 2012: Happy New Year!

"Happy New Year! Lots of cool things happening in 2013, the recording and release of my third album, "Equanimity", being one of them! I know I say this every year, but I really can't stress enough how much I appreciate and value your continued support. I couldn't keep doing what I do without you guys, so THANK YOU! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013!!



December 23, 2012: Merry Christmas!





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